Skimmers Guide for Week 10 of Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer

10 Jun

“…I think you could say “There is a thing that we’re justified in saying is an object-oriented architectural style.” We’re not at that point for the functional style yet, so far as I can tell.

What did we read about?

Our tenth week of ‘Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer‘ by Brian Manick.

We pick up on a new chapter on Page 99, “8 Embedding Functional Code in an OO Codebase”. No exercises this week and we blitz through until the end of the chapter on Page 107.

To be honest, a lot of this chapter is irrelevant or uninteresting, revolving around boilerplate code or SQL. Skimming/skipping through is recommended!

What stood out?

  • Concept of “functional nuggets” in OO code, Page 100. An interesting theory, sadly demonstrated in a rather tedious fashion.

If you read nothing else this week…

  • The big picture, Page 108.  Talking about the evolution of functional programming and looking forward to “Functional Patterns for Enterprise Application Architecture.”

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