Welcome to the LJC Book Club

We are members of the London Java Community who like to improve ourselves as developers through reading.

Please come and join us on Google+.

Reading is a vital skill for any developer.  Jerry Weinberg observed this back in 1971:

“Programming is, among other things, a kind of writing.  One way to learn writing is to write, but in all other forms of writing, one also reads.  We read examples – both good and bad – to facilitate learning.”

The Psychology of Computer Programming

When authors produce a good book they go through a painful process of distilling their hard-earned experience and placing it on the page.   It’s there for the taking.  All you have to do is read it.

Yet finding time to read isn’t so easy.  There are so many other demands on our time.  Technical texts are the last thing you want to read on the train home after a hard days work.

That’s where the book club is so valuable.  We all commit to a schedule and follow it, sharing our thoughts along the way.  It gives us the motivation we need to keep going.

If you’re still learning you have the opportunity to read along with experienced developers.  They will be happy to help with anything you find difficult to understand.

The more people joining in, the more useful it becomes.

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