Skimmers Guide for Week 15 of Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer

21 Jul

“…today’s commonplaces of object-oriented programming were mysterious and brain-bending twenty or thirty years ago… Monads and other higher-higher-higher-order abstractions may follow the same trajectory. I hope they do.

What did we read about?

This was our fifteenth week of ‘Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer‘ by Brian Manick.

We start from Page 141 at section 10.10 Lifting Functions with Monads, finishing at Page 146 at the end of chapter 10!

Only 6 pages to read this week but they are absolutely rammed packed with information and examples.

What stood out?

  • Page 142 – The m-lift monad is introduced which is a concise way to do short-circuiting.
  • Page 144 – The sequence-m monad is introduced as a way of transparently doing looping.

If you read nothing else this week…

  • Page 146 – 10.13 Choose your own adventure – A succinct summary of monads, which bestow upon programmers both great power and great responsibility 😉

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