Skimmer’s Guide for Week 7 of Functional Programming for the Object Oriented Programmer

20 May

“Pat yourself on the back! You have both used and implemented the built-in function reduce, perhaps the most dreaded of all sequence functions.”

What did we read about?

It’s our seventh week of ‘Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer‘ by Brian Manick.

We come to the end of the “Embedding and Object Oriented Language” with some exercises and a bit of wrap up.

  • Begin on Page 73 at section 6.4 Exercises

    • Exercise 1 (Page 73)
    • Exercise 2 (Page 74)
    • Exercise 3
    • Exercise 4 (Page 75)
    • Exercise 5
    • Exercise 6
  • Finish at Page 77 at the end of chapter 6


What stood out?

  • Anybody playing the functional tutorial drinking game can take two drinks: one for recursion and the other for factorial 😉
  • The answer for each exercise feeds into the next, building up the complexity to use increasingly sophisticated forms of recursion.
  • The exercises conclude by introducing the powerful reduce function.

If you read nothing else this week…

  • Whatever you do make sure you complete exercises 1 to 6.
  • Exercise 5 is partially tricky, kudos if you complete it without hints! (note the result doesn’t have to be in-order)

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