Presenting For Geeks Give Away

3 May

“A presentation is not about the content or about you – it’s about the audience.”

We are continuing our partnership with, a new kind of book publisher that is changing the way books for software developers are produced.

They specialise in digital books, written by leading experts from across the software development ecosystem. The short format books they produce give you access to key technical know-how for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

This time around we are giving away the wonderful and concise “Presenting for Geeks” by Dirk Haun (winners will be able to request the e-format). Reassuringly well presented, he takes us on a journey on how to convey a memorable message.

Presenting for Geeks by Dirk Haun

TO WIN: Simply jump on our Google+ community and post a comment in the corresponding post! (e.g. “I want to win Presenting for Geeks”)

2 lucky winners will then be picked on Friday 17th May 2013!

We’re really like this book (catch the Skimmer’s Guide here) and excited for future give-aways with! Watch this space and check out more from this fantastic new publisher on FacebookGoogle+Twitter and their blog:

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