Now For Something Completely Different: March’s Packt Publishing Competition

20 Mar

If you want to have a chance of winning one of this months books then please sign up on the Meetup page.  

This month both the winner and the runner up will receive an e-book.

Now For Something Completely Instant


When was the last time you tried something completely different?  Something that wasn’t part of what you do already?

It can be useful to try something that is completely outside what you normally do.  It helps you to see things from a different perspective and challenges you preconceptions about how things need to be.

The big problem is finding the time in a busy day to try new things.  This is why this month we are focusing on Packt Publishing’s Instant range.  They are a set of short, to the point eBooks that show you how to do something new.

Instants are eBooks only, so for this month only both the winner and the runner up will receive eBooks.  That’s different!

For a chance to win just RSVP to this month’s event.

It’s Virtual!

If you still don’t know about the virtualisation technologies then you need to read one of these guides.

Instant Citrix XenDesktop 5 Starter

Mahmoud Magdy shows how to provide virutalised desktops using XenDesktop.

Instant VMware vCloud Starter

Daniel Langenhan shows how to create a complete networked environment from templates using vCloud.

It’s Microsoft!

Are you ready to look at what Redmond have to offer?

Instant Team Foundation Server 2012 and Project Server 2010 Integration How-to

How much time do you spend integrating and setting up environments rather than coding?  Gary P. Gauvin will show you how to get these things done quickly and easily, step by step.  What took days can take hours.

Instant Silverlight 5 Animation

Silverlight might be going away, but the XAML based technology isn’t.  Nick Polyak will show you how to use animation to improve the user experience in several contexts, including business applications.

 It’s Changing

With everything changes so rapidly you can’t afford to let things go stale.

The New iPad: Using New Features in iOS 6 How-To

Does nothing stop changing these days?  That IPad you brought a while ago isn’t the same Ipad anymore.  It’s been updated with new features like multiple mailboxes, iCloud synchronisation, photostreams and a new suite of apps.  Renee J. Valdez’s concise guide will introduce you to all these new features.

InnoDB Quick Reference Guide

How we use databases is in a state of flux.  After decades of SQL stability the way we store data is being turned upside down as developers say no to SQL.

InnoDB is MySQL without the SQL.  It allows you to work directly with the storage engine.

Let Matt Reid show you how to set up, configure and use the engine.

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