Well Grounded: February’s Packt Publishing Competition

13 Feb

If you want to have a chance of winning one of this months books then please sign up on the Meetup page.  

At the end of February the lucky winner will get a physical copy with an ebook for the runner up.

The Well Grounded Java Developer

February sees the start of our regular reading schedule.  Our first book, the Well Grounded Java Developer, provides a whistle-stop tour of everything that is important right now in the world of Java Development: new language features, the underlying JVM, alternative languages and continuous integration.

After these brief introductions readers will want to dig deeper, and this month we’ll be looking at a selection of books offered by Packt Publishing that will be perfect for taking things further.

You can win any one of these books again this month by signing up on the Meetup page.  First prize is a physical copy the second prize is an electronic version.

Vital Java

In the first part of their book Ben and Martijn help us to understand the difference between the Java language and the Java platform.  These are the tools of our trade and as craftsmen we need to know them well.

Java 7 New Features Cookbook

Father and daughter team Richard and Jennifer Reese provide a well considered set of recipes for the new feature that were introduced in Java 7.

Oracle JRockit: The Definitive Guide

Marcus Hirt and Marcus Lagergren book is not for the beginner.  The second chapter explains why adaptive code generation is harder in a JVM than a static environment.  After that they go deep.  The book covers memory mangement, threading and other fundamental building blocks of the Java platform.  Some of the tooling is starting to date a little (the book is three years old) but the insights it provides are timeless.

The Groovy Polyglot

While java isn’t ideal for solving problems in the dynamic layer Groovy most certainly is.

Groovy for Domain-Specific Languages

Author Fergal Dearle shows us the power of Domain Specific Languages.  He shows us how we can open up the development process to other stakeholders and improve our own productivity.

Grails 1.1 Web Application Development

Developing web applications is a dynamic activity and Jon Dickinson shows us how to conquer it using the Grails framework.  Along the way you will achieve a great deal without have to write much code.

Well Crafted

A good build environment is essential for a craftsmanship based approach to development.  If you are to get the immediate feedback that you need to improve yourself and your code you need it built, deployed and tested quickly and automatically. Maven and Jenkins help you to achieve this.

Apache Maven 3 Cookbook

Maven is popular but polarising.  If you are to be one of those people who loves Maven then you will have to get to know it well.

This cookbook by Srirangan shows how Maven can be used as part of an Agile team environment, favouring quick practical examples over the lengthy discussion and long property lists of some other Maven books.

Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook

Author Alan Mark Berg has a degree, two masters and a teacher qualifications.  He has also written two books on Sakai.  On top of that he has found time to write this practical guide to Jenkins.  Here is a man who clearly knows a thing or two about productivity.

As well as an introduction to Jenkins the book is also an introduction to the Jenkins community.  This adds an extra, important dimension that is often overlooked.

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