Our First Book: The Well Grounded Java Developer

23 Jan

The Well Grounded Java Developer

After conversations on our Google+ community we’ve decided to kick off our reading with “The Well Grounded Java Developer.”  It’s a book written by LJC members Martijn and Ben and published by Manning.

It’s the perfect starting book because it covers so much.  In just a couple of months we’ll have read and talked about everything that matters.  It’s ideal for both the beginner and the experienced developer who needs to catch up.

Every monday I’ll do a kick off post to help everybody pace themselves.

The Schedule

  • Week 1: Developing with Java 7 
    • Chapter 1. Introducing Java 7
    • Chapter 2. New I/O
  • Week 2: Vital Techniques
    • Chapter 3. Dependency Injection
    • Chapter 4. Modern concurrency
  • Week 3: Going Deeper
    • Chapter 5. Class files and bytecode
    • Chapter 6. Understanding performance tuning
  • Week 4: Polyglot Programming on the JVM
    • Chapter 7. Alternative JVM languages
    • Chapter 8. Groovy: Java’s dynamic friend
  • Week 5: Functional Programming on the JVM
    • Chapter 9. Scala: powerful and concise
    • Chapter 10. Clojure: safer programming
  • Week 6: Crafting the polyglot project
    • Chapter 11. Test-driven development
    • Chapter 12. Build and continuous integration
  • Week 7: The End is Near
    • Chapter 13. Rapid web development
    • Chapter 14. Staying well-grounded

Slow and Steady

This is probably slower than most of us usually take to finish a book this size.  Taking it more slowly will give us a chance to try all the examples and go off on some tangents.

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