Looking Back at 2012 – January’s Packt Publishing Competition

9 Jan

If you want to have a chance of winning one of this months books then please sign up on the Meetup page.  

At the end of January the lucky winner will get a physical copy with an ebook for the runner up.

Another Year Over

What did you do last year?   Here in the LJC Book Club we gave away lots of books generously provided by Packt publishing.  All together there were 24 lucky winners.

Here’s a selection of the books that the winners selected in the first 6 months of 2012.

You can win any one of these books again this month by signing up on the Meetup page.  First prize is a physical copy the second prize is an electronic version.

January – Apache JMeter

In January 2012 our winner received a hard copy of Apache JMeter  by Emily H. Halili.   The book shows how to use the open source tool to performance test web sites.  It helps the reader to learn the features of the JMeter environments and explains how to go about designing and implementing a test plan.

Apache JMeter load testing Lucene.


February’s winner choose Google App Inventor.  The author Ralph Roberts shows how to install the free software and quickly start creating applications by snapping blocks together.

Snapping together code with Google App Inventor


JIRA Development Cookbook was chosen by the runner up in March.  Jobin Kuruvilla’s book is for those who really want to dive deep into JIRA.  It explains teh architecture and shows how to go about creating your own gadgets.

Jira Gadgets


In April the runner up received an eBook for WordPress 3 Complete.  This title by  April Hodge Silver shows you how to get blogging with WordPress up and running on your own site.

Downloading WordPress


May’s runner up opted for Service Oriented Architecture: An Integration Blueprint by Guido Schmutz, Peter Welkenbach and Daniel Liebhart.  If you need to create systen architectures then this is book is so useful.  It describes all the elements you might need for a Service Oriented Architecture in an abstract, technology agnostic way.

Dynamic queries: Submitting parameterized queries, requests and subscriptions dynamically.


Half way into the year and we finally arrive at a book that is all about Java: Java 7 – New Features Cookbook.  Father and daughter team Richard and Jennifer Reese provide a set of recipes showing what version 7 of Java has to offer, including concurrency, automated resource management and UI improvements.

JColorChooser’s new HSV tab

A New One Just Begun

With Packt’s continuing support we will continue to off a selection of books each month.  There are some interesting books in the pipeline and we look forward to sharing them with you.

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