March’s Packt Publishing Prize Draw

6 Mar

Time to Tool Up

If you want to got more done then you need to look at your tools!  Can you do something better by introducing the right tool?  Are you using the tools you have to your best advantage?

Getting tools is one thing, using them right is something else entirely.  This months we’re offering books about tools that you might find useful.

If you want to have a chance of winning one of this months books then please sign up on the Meetup page.  At the end of March the lucky winner will get a physical copy with an ebook for the runner up.



We have finally matured, with restrictive methodologies behind us and the path to further agility ahead.  For every project and team there is now a separate methodology.  As Atlassian put it, “your development process, your rules.”

JIRA 4 Essentials

Be careful that JIRA’s default settings don’t become your methodology by default.  If your not adapting JIRA to your team and making it part of your everyday processes, with the screens and workflows set up to make it easy to do the right thing, then you’re not benefitting from the JIRA’s power.  Patrick Li’s book will show you how to do it.

JIRA Development Cookbook

If you have already mastered the essentials of Jira then you can push ahead further.  Jobin Kuruvilla’s book will show you how to develop plug ins and crate new gadgets as well as take advantage of the JIRA Query Language.  Along the way he will introduce you to JIRA’s architecture so that you have a better idea of how it is implemented.


If you’re in a start up rather than a big enterprise then you’ll be much more concerned with marketing than business processes.  WordPress is an open source tool that can help you get word of your product out there and appearing in search results.

WordPress 3 Complete

WordPress provides a complete content management system that you can use to build more than just a blog.  April Hodge Silver’s book will show how to get the code downloaded and installed on your own servers.  It offers advice on creating and managing your content as well as developing your own themes.

WordPress 3 Cookbook

Getting the content up on the web is only the beginning.  You then have to build a community, integrate sales and marketing and manage accessibility and security.  Ric Shreves’ book will show you how to achieve these step by step.


Back in the Enterprise, if you want to publish information and build a community within your organisation you might want to consider Liferay portal.

Liferay Beginer’s Guide

If you have no previious experience of building portals then you should begin with this book.  The authors will guide you through the planning, installing and building needed to get your site up.  Then it will offer guidance for publishing your content and  building your communities.

Liferay User Interface Development

Just because it’s on an intranet doesn’t mean it has to be ugly.  Let the authors show you how to make your portals good looking and user friendly.  Get to grips with themes, taglibs and the fancy new Alloy UI.

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