November’s Packt Publishing Prize Draw

24 Oct

This month’s selection from Packt Publishing consists entirely of Cookbooks.

I come from a genaration of programmers who learned to code by copying listings from books. Back in the early days programs had to be loaded into memory from cassette tapes that were scarce and unreliable. The UK’s games industrty was still in it’s infancy and the main way to get games into your computer was to type them in from a magazine like Your Sinclair or Sinclair User.

I still believe there is no better way to learn how to code for a new platform than to look at well constructed examples, type them in and then adapt them for your own use. It is an approach that is proven itself over the years, and like many others I learnt PERL from a cookbook. Today the example cookbooks such as Java2s and KodeJava are still my first port of call whenever I need to try something new.

This is why I’m so pleasing to see Packt Publishing providing such a diverse range of cookbooks covering new technologies.

If you’d like the chance to win one of the following books then RSVP to this month’s Prize Draw Meetup.

Evolving Standards

The EJB 3.1 Cookbook

There’s something special about version 3.1. Windows came of age with version 3.1 and the same my be true for Enterprise Java Beans. EJBs have shed a few pounds since you last met and you might want to check them out.

The JSF 2.0 Cookbook

Java Server Faces provide a standard compliant approach to a rich web experience. Standard validators and converters make a developers life easier and there’s a variety of implementations to choose, such as MyFaces and RichFaces.

Enterprise Establishment

Apache Maven 3 Cookbook

If you’re just using Maven for build automation then you may be missing the point. Used right this opinionated project and build management tool can drive the introduction of best practices.

The Jasper Reports 3.5.2 Development Cookbook

All the effort that goes into gathering and collating the data can be seriously undermined if it is poorly presented. With Jasper reports you can present the data in an attractive and accessible form.

Energetic Newcomers

The Play Framework Cookbook

Instead of trying to abstract away the details of HTTP, The Play framework strives to make the underlying web technologies accessible. This provides opportunities for control, efficiency and simplicity.

The Cassandra High Performance Cookbook

It’s hard to imagine enterprise applications without a relational database, but NoSQL databases now provide an alternative. These fault tolerant, distributed data stores require a whole new approach to design, implementation and tuning.

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