September’s Packt Publishing Prize Draw

1 Sep

Packt Publishing’s 2011 Open Source Awards

Packt Publishing are accepting nominations for the 2011 Open Source awards until September 9th. The contest provides an established platform for recognising and supporting open source projects and has paid out over $100,000 in prize money over the last 5 years.

Looking back at the 2010 results I can’t help but notice a lack of Java presence. The 2010 winners seem to be predominantly implemented using PHP. This year I think we should use our nominations and votes to see more Open Source Java projects on the winner’s podium.

Personally I’ve already nominated the Disruptor project as the most promising. This year the prize fund is $24,000 and the public vote is more influential so it’s worth the effort.

To help everyone think of other possible nominations this month’s book selections demonstrate some of the strong Java contenders in three of the available categories.

If you’d like the chance to win one of the following books then RSVP to this month’s Prize Draw Meetup.

Click on the headings below if you’d like to make a nomination. Hurry, nominations close on September 9th.

Best Open Source Javascript Library

Last years winner with jQuery, but Java programmers don’t need to mess about with Javascript and browsers if they want to use a great Javascript library thanks to Google’s GWT.

Google Web Toolkit 2 Application Development Cookbook

Ext GWT 2.0: Beginner’s Guide

Best Open Source CMS

Last year CMS Made Simple was the winner. Java has plenty of code Open Source CMS packages, such as the mighty Alfresco.

Alfresco 3 Business Solutions

Alfresco 3 Enterprise Content Management Implementation

Best Open Source Business Application

Surely this is the category that Java should totally own! Last year, however, it was the PHP based PrestaShop that took the E-Commerce prize. Java has plenty of contenders, such as the The Apache Open For Business Project.

Apache OFBiz Development: The Beginner’s Tutorial

Apache OfBiz Cookbook

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